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Twotsi (twhat-see) pages can be added or commented by anybody, with no registration or record of an email address. You can post articles on Twotsi, pictures, or just express an opinion.

The only restrictions are that the article may only have one URL which links to the title, also text must be in english and cannot contain phone numbers or email addresses. Pictures submitted should have 'family' content. You can add an article or picture page on any subject, yourself,a website, a business, your town, your school, your club... there are endless possibilities.

Optionally you can adopt a page if it is an orphan, this means that you control the page content and picture, plus when somebody writes a comment on the page you can choose to veto their entry. If you do not return to the page every calendar month your adoption will lapse and your page becomes an orphan. Anybody can adopt an orphan page.

Ever had something you want to get off your chest, an idea you want to publicise or a burning desire to make your opinion known? Use Twotsi! You can use Twotsi to provide a comments facility for your website, to comment on a website, business, politician, country or cause. If you are a marketeer you can use Twotsi to find out what the public think. The possibilities are endless.

To grab your page now before anybody else does simply enter the proposed page title in the box below and get started!

Twotsi is an acronym that stands for 'the word on the street is'.

To Celebrate the Successful Mars Landing

Twotsi is in Space!

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