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Find Secret Military Bunkers

Find Secret Military Bunkers
Many people are fascinated with underground military bases, both Old and New. Here is a guide to how you can find any that are in your area. You might decide to visit them and confirm them yourself or you may find information about the old bases already exists on the web. Heres how to find them!

Here in the UK we are lucky in that we have extremely good maps, but even if you do not have accurate maps where you live you can still use Google Earth and Bing Maps imagery to find secret bases, military bunkers and places.

Follow this G maps Link and in the picture there are three bunkers, three ammunition storage areas (unused) a secret airstrip probably tunnel linked by the looks of the ditched area below it and more above ground ventilation covers than you can shake a stick at. Yes there is more going on in many sleepy English villages than you would think! Some of the answers are in the video below. In fact there are several things going on here. The oldest of which is Monkton Farleigh Mines, a huge WW2 built underground ammunition depot. But the presence of not one but two very modern vented concrete telephone exchange covers suggests there is still a lot of activity here.

Start off by closely examining some known military bunkers, by following the bunkers links to the right you will find some good representative examples of bunkers. You can also watch the bunker discovery videos below.

Looking at the existing US bases in Google Earth will help you get your eye in because most of them have underground facilities on or near them. The Hertfordshire Bunker link on the right is a good example of how discovery often proceeeds.

Here are the key things you are looking for:
  • Roads or paths that are well paved or maintained and seem to go nowhere (Entrance Ways)
  • Small buildings (1-3 metres square) that are isolated and have no visible purpose(Main Air Vents/Emergency Exits/Telecoms)
  • Double Walls and angled blast walls (usually entrances or lift buildings)
  • Geometrical Groups of buildings or strangely shaped buildings.
  • Large geometrical areas of discoloured grass or vegetation (shallow bunker roofs)
  • Artificial Earthworks (bunker inside a mound)
  • Double Fenced secure enclosure (active military/police site)
  • Existing and obvious military facility, possibly seeming abandoned.
  • Close to Major Road or Rail facility.
  • Close to Airstrip or Airport.
  • Hidden Airfield or Airstrip, look for long rectangular discolorations or tree lined field boudaries with small buildings.

Sometimes you will find a hidden Airstrip or Airfield (often obvious by long rectangular shape in small fields) nearby. There are more buried bunker sites than you might think. The UK for example is only a small place yet if you include world war 2 sites it contains well over 300 sites of interest!

Start off by scanning on Google Earth at relatively low scale. I usually find a known military feature and set the scale to where I can see it easily. Keep a record of your start and finish point on each session, that way you wont miss anything. When you find something zoom right in and try to decide if it is innocent or a bunker. Use Bing for a side view if available.

Bunker discovery is a fascinating hobby and one which is growing all the time. Old bunkers such as some WW2 ones near me are easily visitable. Modern ones with guards and razor wire less so, if you value your freedom! Here in the UK some relatively modern bunkers have been decommissioned and are visitable - Kelvedon Hatch started off in the 1950s as a Rotor radar station, was converted to a Cold War government bunker in the 1960s and was operational right up to the 1990s. It has now been sold to the farmer whose land it was on who charges visitors to tour it and its huge! Well worth a visit.

Bunkers can be in the most unusual places as well. Well known ones in the UK have entrances in Council Buildings, Doctors surgeries, Blocks of flats, anonymous doors on streets, brick built sheds in the corner of car parks, inside cottages, beneath museums, in forest clearings, in farmers fields (see video below) and even in tourist areas. You can live next to one for twenty years and never know it is there unless you know how to look.

On the ground look for unusual things like heavy power and telecomms presence in small villages, odd little boxes in fields covering air vents, raised concrete paving slabs (similar). In the city, unexplained louvres in walls, Doors that go nowhere and have no house name or number, often these are double doors. Car parks (its a floating bunker roof) that are too big for their purpose - favourite trick on military bases! Areas of gravel that are more than a few inches deep (gravel often used as a blast cushion) roads that are too well made for the traffic that uses them. this is only a small list of the things that have helped bunker hunters spot the less visible ones.

When you have found some stuff why not save a picture of it or make a composite picture, then pop over to and publish it anonymously or under your name - no account needed.
Secret Bunker Video 1

Secret Bunker Video 2

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Nuclear bunkers, a Cold War holdover, embody many of the contradictions in today’s nuclear policy. First built as a way to shield top leaders from atomic fallout, they quickly became obsolete with the advent of thermonuclear weapons and precise, long-range missiles. Some, like the congressional bunker at the opulent Greenbrier resort in West Virginia, have closed their doors; others, like Cheyenne Mountain, have teetered on the brink of shutdown.

Raven Rock Military Complex The Hardened Facilities Managers Conference, co-sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Raven Rock Military Complex*, will focus on priority issues of both countering enemy underground facilities (UGF) and protecting friendly underground facilities. Managers of U.S. operated UGF’s will provide overviews of their corresponding complexes. In addition technical and vulnerability issues will be discussed and site tours will be provided.

If Site R is so gosh-darn secret, why did they post this notice, and more importantly, how did we get our grubby little mitts on documents relating to this conference, including an an informational overview, a “Welcome Package", an agenda, security guidance for attendees, and a schedule of shuttles to Site R (which we are not posting)? Cunning subterfuge? A Deep Throat inside the mountain? A Freedom of Information Act request?

For all the secrecy surrounding Site R, the mountain facility suffers from the obvious flaw of just about every bunker out there: Its existence isn’t secret, and in the era of Google Earth, it really can’t be kept secret. And if it’s not a secret, what good is it? A modern thermonuclear warhead would destroy it in an instant. In fact, Site R was almost mothballed prior to September 11. As we learned from our travels, bunkers are typically obsolete the day they open their doors, but they live off the inertia of bureaucracy.

Are bunkers good for combating terrorism? Probably not. As the nation learned on September 11, what you want in the event of a terrorist attack is information: immediate, accurate and unfiltered. Site R, where government workers are stripped of their personal cell phones and PDAs, is arguably the worst place to be. When you walk into a government office these days, the big board equivalent is not a classified feed, but a flat screen playing CNN.

Site R is one of those places that exists somewhere between the worlds of secrecy and lunacy: we’re told the government bureaucrats ordered to go there generally regard it as a colossal waste of time; it’s of questionable utility in any realistic scenario, and like all bunkers, it presents more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to coordinating disaster response. We’re also told the largest tenant at Site R is DTRA, an obscure agency that — though certainly involved in important work and home to many dedicated scientists — is, even by its own employees, regarded as a dysfunctional bureaucracy (On the other hand, when not in hidden in a bunker, DTRA does important nonproliferation work).

Site R is not secret, but details of what’s inside are hidden from view. The agenda provides some hints about what’s there: a presidential weather support facility (presumably for Air Force One) and construction related to electromagnetic pulse protection. But perhaps the most eye-catching item on the agenda is a “Gorilla Rock Update” provided by miners, suggesting that there is new construction going on inside the mountain.

That should come as little surprise. As we write in our book, “a permanent government bureaucracy would always find a reason for digging. Standing by the tightly guarded entrance to the mountain complex, the true purpose of which is obscured from the public it is designed to protect, we couldn’t help but think that perhaps the only thing Site R protected was its own existence.”

* Although the conference announcement referred to "Raven Rock Military Complex," DTRA later told us the official name is the "Raven Rock Mountain Complex." Both names are used in official documents, though "Mountain" is the dominant usage.

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